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Elena. 19.
K-pop fan. Totally in love with Kai and EXO. In this blog you can see my edits. If you have any questions, welcome to ask.
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I like your blog VERY VERY VERY much! :D ~many greetings from Korea~ ^___^

wow thank you sweetie ^.^ 


wow lucky! It's summer here so it's really really hot ;; sigh. Can't wait for winter! Are you in uni elena?? :) I'm michelle :D

And i just can’t wait for summer :D Yes, i’m Elena :) Nice to meet you, Michelle! Where are you from tho?

handsome namja oh sehun | picspam


Hello lovely! I was just creeping around for some exo blogs and I found your blog! Hehe Just dropping by to say hi and ask how was your day? :D I hope I’m not creeping you out LMAO I’m so bad at making new friends omg ;;

Hi sweetheart I think this is great that you wanna making new friends and i’m glad you texted me, sweetie :) you are not alone i’m not good at making new friends at all :D my day was fine, i was with my friends and it’s snowing, so i’m in a good mood yeah :) how was your day? hope it was great ;)

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