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Elena. 19.
K-pop fan. Totally in love with Kai and EXO. In this blog you can see my edits. If you have any questions, welcome to ask-box
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Kai’s airport appearances - |overdose era|

kim jongin also known as a sweetest cutiepie ever

"It’s Okay, That’s Love" poster photoshoot bts: do kyungsoo ver.

cute and dumb kim jongkid

jongin’s weird dances(x)

Anonymous ━

hey there :) may i know where do you get your psds? your edits are so lovely btw!

hi sweetie :3 yes, check out these blogs 1, 2, 3 ;) thank you, dear anon!

Anonymous ━

hi^^ it's good to see you here again <33 this beautiful edit of yours appeared on my dash once again /post/55771824550/go-away-prince-kim i was wondering if you have its psd? i know it's a year ago but trying my luck maybe?

hi :3 it’s good to be here again. thank you, deary <3 oh, yes it was a long ago, and i’m so sorry, anon, but i didn’t save this psd.